Auto Heating, A/C and Radiator Services

Vehicle Owners in this Area Also Trust Us with These Repair Services

We’re all busy these days, and those of us who call the Alexandria and Morris area home are no exception. At West Central Glass & Air Conditioning we understand that. That’s why we began providing convenient, top-quality vehicle A/C, heating and radiator general maintenance and repair services around here years ago. In fact, our proven and affordable car and truck services have become quite a hit with residents in this area, many of whom got acquainted with West Central after we expertly completed an auto, home or business glass project for them.  

As a locally owned and operated business, West Central Glass & Air Conditioning’s vehicle repair philosophy is built upon a foundation of providing outstanding customer service, coupled with affordable, reliable outcomes. Winters are brutal around here, and summers hot, so the last thing we want to see is one of our valued customers uncomfortable or, worse yet, left on the side of the road due to a busted radiator hose.  

We view people in this area as family, and with that in mind, focus on completing your vehicle’s A/C, heating and radiator services in a quick, reliable and cost-effective fashion.  West Central Glass & Air Conditioning services most all makes, models and types of vehicles, and we will even work with your insurance company, whenever possible, to make your experience a hassle-free one. 

Our Affordable Vehicle Air Conditioning Services Include these:

  • Repair/replace worn parts so that your A/C keeps you cool on steamy days
  • Recharging of your car or truck’s A/C system
  • Annual A/C maintenance, including recharging and filter replacements
  • Fixing corroded or melted A/C lines (Our technicians can even custom create lines in our shops for large trucks, including semis, vans, etc.)

Expert Professional Heating Services for Your Car or Truck Include:

  • Yearly maintenance check-ups on all heater-related components and filter replacements
  • We will repair and replace any necessary heating system parts to keep you warm and toasty during our cold Minnesota winters

We Also Provide these Convenient Radiator Services:

  • Check entire system for leaks and worn components, including hoses
  • Repair and replace any parts in an effort to keep your coolant working properly
  • Radiator flushes and fills when the old coolant needs to be replaced

Since 1979, not only has West Central Glass & Air Conditioning been providing a wide-range of auto, home and commercial glass services to the residents surrounding Alexandria and Morris but, as you can see, we do a whole lot more!

To schedule a convenient appointment, call us today in Alexandria at:  (320) 762-5407, or Morris at: (320) 589-3570. While you’re on the phone, ask us about our free customer shuttle service to pick you up and drop you off where you need to be. Our normal business hours at both shops are: M – F; 8 AM – 5 PM.